5 Best Places to Visit in Rome

Rome is a worldwide known city as it is the Italy capital city, Rome is also known for nice museums, the ancient artwork the architectural work in the city as well as the diverse cultural activities. Rome city has very many things to do and so many places to visit but we have narrowed the places to five places that you should never miss in Rome.

1. Vatican City.

Vatican city also known the holy city is where you will find st peter’s Basilica, The church is the oldest Rome Catholic church that has a unique architectural structure. Most people visit Vatican City to see the tall old buildings, the attractive artwork and religious researches as well. While still in Vatican City you got a chance to visit the Vatican museum where you have a chance to view different galleries and artwork that are not only entertaining but also educative, In the city also you can visit the residence of the previous popes.

2. The Colosseum.

Colosseum is the best known outward symbol of imperial Rome, Tourists who would wish to view the enormous Amphitheatre in the whole world should consider paying a visit to Colosseum.

3. Pantheon.

In the past, it was a temple but it is currently a church and no tourist who visits Rome for the first time should ignore the pantheon. Pantheon has a unique architecture with beautiful doors made of bronze and marble with the central part of the church made of dome like concrete.

4. Galleria Borghese.

Beautiful artwork is one of the major attractive sceneries that make many tourist visit Rom, but if you want to get the best of the best artwork then consider galleria Borghese where you first have to book a ticket in advance to get a chance.

5. Spanish steps.

138 Spanish steps are arranged in a curved manner that assists tourists to view the balconies and the Trinita Monti church.

Rome is a world best vacation destination, and that means it has more than the five regular thing and places to do in Rome, go for a vacation and you will discover more while there – read article on rome city centre attractions.